How about practicing some english?

On last few months I’ve discovered the Gavin’s YouTube channel SmallAdvantages and since then I have improved my english in a way that I never did before. Now I can talk better, and most important, I can listen better than two or three months ago. And it’s not only this, now I’m really excited and motivated on improving my english and, some day, I WILL (not want) travel to another country, is just a matter of when, but this is an experience that I really want to have. I don’t know yet wich country will be, for now my first option is Norway, just because I’m astonished with all the landscapes that I see on Google Street View – back on 2011 when I work with tracking vehicles and expend my free time on work traveling the world through Google Earth.

Now I’m trying to use any oportunity I have to practice my english, today, for example, I’m writing a post in english using only an ortographic corrector to help me (and google translator to translate one word or other that I don’t know how to spell in english).

So, the first subject that I have in mind to write about is the last Metallica’s album, Hardwired…to Self Destruct. Since I known Metallica I have reading that they current album is not so good, just to not mention the St. Anger’s album. Despite the fact that I really like the album Death Magnetic, I have to agree to those reviews about their 1990’s or 2000’s albuns.

In this year Metallica has reborn from the ashes with this new album, but I’m most admired with the new posture from the band. The new album was released completely on their web site, with one clip for each song from the album. Just a little bit different from the not too far war against Napster. Wich I can see too, is that the band seems more relaxed.

The album by it self its absolutely amazing. They have concentrated in this album all the good aspects that we all like from the older Metallica’s albuns. Is more raw, with less polishing, basically the kind of sound that I most like.

So if you haven’t listen to this album yet, don’t waste time and go hurry to the Mettalica’s web site and see all the clips from the new album, Hardwired…to Self Destruct.